2010 Real Estate Market Analysis for the Steamboat Springs, CO Area

These compelling numbers have been collated by Land Title’s Bruce Carta for December and all of 2010.  Some of the highlights follow:

  • December sales volume was the highest sold per month for 2010 at $54,261,900.
  • 2010 total dollar volume was 116.45% of 2009.
  • The number of transactions in 2010 were 170.93% of 2009.
  • The mountain area of Steamboat saw 42.61% of total dollar volume and 16.84% of the total number of transactions in 2010.
  • The median transaction price in 2010 was $340,000, while the median residential transaction price was $422,000 and the average was $705,558.  Compare that to December 2010 numbers, the median residential was $520,000 and the average was $878,688.
  • The price per square foot for the average residential transaction was $305.56 for 2010 and $352.11 for December 2010.
  • For all 2010 residential improved units, there were 273 transactions sold for $500,000 and under, and 104 for over 1 million.  The total including all price categories was 485 sold units.
  • Fractional sales more than doubled from their 2009 unit volume.
  • There were 83 bank sales for 2010 and 14 in December.
  • As of February 1, 2011, there are 48 new (since January 1) properties in the forclosure process.

If you have questions about this information or real estate in Steamboat Springs or Routt County, I’d like to hear from you!  Once again, thanks to Bruce Carta and Land Title and the data they put together from the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Anne Mayberry     970.846.1425


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