The 98th Annual Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs, CO

My…how time flies when we are having fun, working, sleeping, reading, daydreaming…well you get the idea.  Winter Carnival is upon us again, and true to usual form, unlike the last couple of years, the weather is cooperating by presenting extra low temperatures!  Don’t let that prevent you from enjoying viewing or participating in street events, ski events at Howelsen Hill, or extraordinary fireworks complete with the appearance of the infamous “Lighted Man”, Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club athletes and Ski Area personel.  Follow this link for the complete weekend schedule:

Don’t forget your Winter Carnival button that is required for attendance!  The proceeds from the buttons are part of the ongoing fundraising effort for the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club.  Come and enjoy the comraderie and spirit of Steamboat….you won’t be sorry!

Anne Mayberry   970.846.1425


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