Politics….Had enough already?

November 6th can not arrive fast enough!  Not that I wish for the days in my life to whirl any faster, but the next 11 weeks will be tough to endure.  We are already being  bombarded with what promises to be one of the nastiest fights for the office of the Presidency.  Attack ads will intensify, both side will rely on super-pacs to carry out their dirty work on the air waves and in print, all in an attempt to sway our opinions.

My point is this.  Misinformation abounds…and knows no one political party or person.  I urge all of us, myself included, to reach past the rhetoric, educate ourselves, indulge in healthy discourse with people from different perspectives.  Don’t get mad or need to be right…listen, read, learn.

Finally, become engaged and informed….and vote…it is a gift of our democracy!

Anne Mayberry             970.846.1425


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