The 99th Annual Winter Carnival….Steamboat Springs, CO Style!


Winter Carnival street events


Torchlight parade on Howelsen Hill ski area

As I sit in the Howelsen Place Discovery and Sales Center reflecting on the years I’ve watched the fireworks and street events, I realize what a spectacular location this is for the street events.  And of course, if you are lucky enough to own or have rented an A building condo with views of Howelsen Hill for this upcoming weekend, even better for you!

The 99th annual Winter Carnival takes place from February 8-12 in Steamboat Springs.  This winter celebration, established in 1914, is recommended as one of the top 10 winter celebrations according to the January/February 2012 National Geographic Traveler  .

The word is that town is pretty full, but there is space for you and a few more, so come on up and see what Steamboat hospitality and our western heritage is all about.  This week’s events are one of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club’s major fundraisers.  For more information, follow the link to the Steamboat Springs Chamber website for Winter Carnival.

Oh, and while you are here, if you want to know more about the Steamboat Springs real estate market and this very cool venue, Howelsen Place condos, from where I may be enjoying the street events and fireworks, call or email me…I’ll be around!

Anne Mayberry      970.846.1425

Winter Carnival fireworks


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