Steamboat Springs Area Quick Look Real Estate Trends

The Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service shows 48 properties have sold in the past 28 days.  Of these sold properties:

  • 8% sold over $950K
  • 17% sold between $649 and $849
  • 6% sold between $400 and $640K
  • 69% sold for < $400K

Further, as of this beautiful 55 degree Steamboat afternoon, there are 110 properties under contract.  The significance, here, in spite of national trends, is, as our pending sales are converted into closed transactions, they are being replenished with new pending sales. 

To be exact, there are 110 pending sales this afternoon.  Of those:

  • 16% > $900K
  • 6% between $600 and $899K
  • 20% between $400 and $600K
  • 57% < $400K

Opportunities, as defined as a combination of circumstances favorable for the purpose, exist in all prices and property types.  Please call or email for more info. 

Anne Mayberry         970.846.1425


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