Favorite Fall Steamboat Happenings

Oh, the wonder of Steamboat in the fall.  Vibrant hues of yellow and orange abound , hay bales are stacked leaving the fields with a freshly mowed look, fallen leaves create a beautiful carpet on favorite hiking trails, and the earth’s tilt relative to the sun causes a glorious color and lighting in the late afternoons.  And finally, our awareness of pumpkins, thoughts of Halloween, and the inevitable first snowfall in the high country, grows.

Another event that occurs this time every year is man made but equally fun and exciting.  The Ski Haus Super Sale (41st annual) happens this weekend, October 8,9,10 with a kick-off outdoor movie Thursday nite in the Ski Haus parking lot.  The featured movie is the Blizzard of AAHH’s by Greg Stump preceeded by Powderhound. (if you’ve never seen Powderhound, it’s a thrill)  Free popcorn, hot chocolate, and mini bonfires will delight you along with friends and a local happening.  Donations are accepted to benefit the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

On to the Super Sale, which has evolved over time from an end of summer season sale to a “let’s get excited about the upcoming winter” sale.  Yes, all summer stuff will be on sale up to 50% off,  but, more importantly, all new winter gear will be discounted at least 20%!  Ski Haus has the majority of it’s winter stuff in and ready for you this weekend.  And to add to your enthusiasm, Mother Nature may do her part by providing our first snow at the 9500 foot level on Friday nite.

Fall is behaving well, thusfar, but we know the change to winter is inevitable.  Let’s get excited for the new season!  The Ski Haus is offering the goods to enable us to embrace the change.  See you there!

For more info about Ski Haus, the Super Sale, or Outdoor Movie Nite, please phone 970.879.0385

Anne Mayberry  970.846.1425


One response to “Favorite Fall Steamboat Happenings

  1. Laura Cusenbary

    EUREKA! This is my favorite Steamboat holiday – time to round up the Ski Haus bucks and organize my list!

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