Interested in Public Policy Discussions?

How fun and thought provoking it would be to have discussions on public policy with experts and former policy makers!  Well, here in Steamboat, you can. 

The Seminars in Steamboat series begins Thursday, July 8th, at the Strings Music Pavillion at 5:00PM.  David Sanger, chief Washington correspondent for the New York Times, will open the series with “Obama after 18 Months:  The World and Challenges He Confronts.”

I know, most of us have an opinion already, but how refreshing to listen to others and provoke analysis outside our realm of current thinking.  Don’t miss the first of these dialogues on public policy!

For the schedule of all four seminars, will fill you in.  Admission is free and donations are welcome.  Stay informed, expand your thinking, and get involved.  Paul Volker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve speaks next, on July 22nd.  Check it out!

Anne Mayberry  970-846-1425


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