Remodeling your home….it’s all about you!

We so often talk about remodeling ideas that return the most to you when you become a seller, sometimes it’s nice to think, who cares…this is what I really want to do.  Simply stated, people are staying put and want to create more comfortable living spaces .  If you find yourself among those, here are some ideas that, perhaps, won’t break your bank but will bring more enjoyment to you in your home.

If you are stymied in considering what to do, bring a designer in to help you visualize what may ultimately be a less expensive or less cumbersome solution.  Looking for a change that saves you money in the long run could be enticing and allow you to upgrade windows, hot water or other features to greener choices.  Unfinished basements or attics offer great opportunities to create more living space for less money and should never be overlooked.  Think about easy fixes like painting, changing out hardware on doors and cabinets, upgrading lighting fixtures, changing flooring to wood, tile, and/or carpet…..anything that gives your home a cosmetic face lift without structural changes.  Remember, the cost of remodeling has probably not been cheaper, from materials to labor costs.

Kitchen remodels seem to be playing second fiddle to the bathroom these days, probably because of the cost difference.  Also, homeowners are remodeling less ambitiously,  paring down the number of rooms remodeled and the overall costs associated with it. 

One final message….enjoy what you have, make it more livable in small ways, and fix up the things that matter to you, not just what will affect resale.  Check out this website for all kinds of money-saving remodeling tips.

Anne Mayberry


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