Tomatoes and other Steamboat Springs anomalies

The irony of considering growing tomatoes is not lost on me…since the blizzard outside my window may qualify as the worst of the season!  As only happens in Steamboat Springs…aka “Ski Town USA” when we are preparing to celebrate the success of our home town Olympians on Friday, spring snows innundate us!  If there is a pattern here, it is that average snow years for Mount Werner create volumnous spring snows when the mountain is preparing to close!

So much for digression, however, back to tomatoes!  Having grown up in the South, I can appreciate and yearn for good home grown tomatoes.   Living in Steamboat Springs since 1978 has taught me this (among other things)….it’s darned near impossible to grow tomatoes in the not so hot, climate wise, short growing season. 

Last year, however, was a “eureka” moment for me after a couple of years of contemplation.  Here’s what happened.  After dutifully placing beautiful buckets of flowers at my front door each spring, only to have them wither daily in the too hot southern exposure, I replaced them, with the help of Suzanne Bostrom at Alpine Floral,  last summer with tomato plants!  Eureka!  Home grown tomatoes for the season….right outside my front door.  Even the chipmunks were thrilled!

Ok..finally the crux of the post.  If you live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and want home grown tomatoes, find good southern exposure for your plants.  Next, be sure to have some passive solar as a backdrop (mine is the log siding of my house) and be sure to water them daily.  The added heat source and southern exposure were the ticket to wonderfully rippened, delicious cherry and full size tomatoes all summer!

Now you understand why I might be thinking of growing tomatoes on the snowiest day of the season!

Anne Mayberry  970-846-1425


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