Yikes! Red Worms Unique to Steamboat

Little red worms that heretofore were thought to exist only along hydrothermal vents on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean live right here in “Ski Town USA”!  Imagine that…and we thought that our flying skiers made us unique here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Apparently, these hydrogen sulfide metabolizing  red worm-like organisms are the first ever discovered on land.   And as if that isn’t strange enough, they share their home, a sulphur cave located at the Howelson Hill ski and training complex, with “snotties”, the official name of soft colonies of microorganisms.  Snotties are thusly named…well you can imagine….and are so rare that they are known to exist only 4 other places in the world!

If you find this fascinating, read  The Denver Post  article by Jennie Lay, or better yet, come visit one of the rarest and the friendliest resort towns on earth.

Anne Mayberry


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