Another home buying truism…and boy are we are tired of hearing it…

Time and time again, you hear it…. “It’s a great time to buy real estate”!  And you think…if hear this one more time, I may go crazy.  Okay…not so fast.  Damon Darlin wrote a piece for the New York Times  about why this may truly be the right time.  Succinctly paraphrased, it’s a great time to buy the money!  You read it…”before you buy the house, you buy the money”.  Think about it…instead of trying to guess which way home prices will go and where the bottom is, bet on whether money will become more or less expensive.  Let me reiterate….I can’t guarantee that housing prices are at the bottom, but I feel fairly confident that the cost of money is at an all time low and will soon go higher!  Remember, buying a home shouldn’t primarily be for the tax break or because it is a good investment, although they have historically been great side benefits.  Intrinsic value should drive you…you know, the enjoyement and basic need for shelter factors.  Remember, predicting interest rates is easier than predicting home prices.  Go it?  Now, go out and get it! 

Anne Mayberry 


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