How to stuff a pig into a burlap bag…or packing for a ski vacation…Steamboat style

As we frustratingly encounter more airline fees, perhaps the toughest for travelers to ski destinations is the baggage fee.  The rules are as varied as the ski areas. Learning them ahead of time and staying on top of this moving target is vexing at least and may require an advanced degree for most.  If you are a frequent traveler and have acquired elite status…never mind. 

For the rest of us, however, pay attention.  Almost all major US airlines allow a ski bag and boot bag to travel as one checked bag.  The boot bag must be a designated boot bag, not merely a bag that you put your boots in.  This rule is incorperated in the special winter sports equipment rule listed under special baggage.  Be sure to cram these bags full of your bulky ski clothing to the extent that they will fit and both bags combined don’t surpass that magical 50 lb. number.

Other ideas for overcoming the bag fees include shipping your items ahead of time and carrying on only your essentials, sans liquids…works well for us, doesn’t it ladies?  However, has anyone checked out UPS or FedX prices lately?…may as well check your stuff.  Or, how about renting your equipment…okay, maybe not your boots, but why not your skis and poles?  In spite of the additional  cost of renting, at least you can use the latest, greatest equipment and also that which is appropriate for the current conditions, as well as tuned and waxed, ready to go skis.  Then there are the shipping services that specialize in luggage and sports equipment.  No one said they were going to be cheap…but hey, they pick up and deliver from/to your door.

Now that you have determined that traveling with your gear is a royal pain, perhaps it’s time to really commit.  Why not consider owning a property in “Ski Town USA” and never having to schlep your gear again.  If the concept appeals to you, give me a call or email and let’s talk.  The timing could be perfect, and besides, the pig is getting restless!     

Anne Mayberry
Broker Associate, The Vanatta Group
Prudential Steamboat Realty
610 Marketplace Plaza, Suite 100
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
office 970.879.8100 ext.453
Cell 970.846.1425  Home 970.879.0258


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